COVID-19 Resource Links

The #BLUEBANDMOVEMENT™ has one goal— to spread awareness and hope. Purchases allow us to donate money to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. But there's other ways to help!

Below is a resource guide and a list of important shareable news stories to help you stay in the know and continue to help even after your purchase. 


1. Find a Vaccination Site near you!

It's not secret getting vaccine appointments is rare. This tool from the CDC allows you to enter your information and will help place you with a distribution center to speed up the process for eligible candidates.


2. CDC Stop the Spread Kit

This set of articles from the CDC includes helpful tips like, "What Do I Do If I Feel Sick?", Contact Tracing and advice on the best social distance etiquette. 


3. Mayo Clinic Hot Spot Map

The Mayo Clinic has put out a map that tracks cases and possible hot spot across the U.S. Some traveling is inevitable, but it doesn't hurt to check before you leave!


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