The #BLUEBANDMOVEMENT team has created a pre-made internal marketing program helping you engage your employees and send the message of understanding support and remembrance through the transition back to the office.

  We can work with your team to schedule companywide communications.

  Help with the process of identifying #BLUEBANDMOVEMENT ambassadors to help drive internal communications and involvement.

  You have the option to choose a non-profit that your company’s #BLUEBANDMOVEMENT will support. 

  Consistent communication of  employee success stories, then and now, updates of how your company is progressing and helping others in your #BLUEBANDMOVEMENT newsletter.


A custom press-release branded for your company​

Pre-Designed e-blasts to send to employees

Pre-Designed e-blasts informing customers/clients ​

Official #BLUEBANDMOVEMENT wristbands for your team

Website Display Banners

Company recognition on the #BLUEBANDMOVEMENT website (providing backlinks and promotion for your company’s involvement)​

Custom #BLUEBANDMOVEMENT Signage​ Design Files



Ongoing Implementation and Program Management

Additional Marketing Assets 

Communication Assistance with Individual Company Teams or Branches

Additional Bands


Start your back-to-work campaign now! Get in touch.